Our doctors can perform many routine surgical procedures in our surgery suite that includes a heated surgery table and Surgivet anesthetic monitor. We utilize specialists in the area for most orthopedic procedures or complicated soft tissue surgeries.

We recommend bloodwork prior to anesthesia to help ensure a safe anesthetic experience. Any underlying problems can then be identified and addressed prior to surgery.

Fluid Therapy:
All pets undergoing anesthetic procedures will have an intravenous catheter placed and generally will also receive intravenous fluid therapy.

Pain Medication:
All patients undergoing surgery are given pain medication prior to surgery and are dispensed additional medication for post-operative care.

We use Sevoflurane gas for our surgeries which is one of the safest gas anesthetics, and our anesthetic protocols are individualized for the needs of each patient.

Anesthetic Monitoring:
We use a Surgivet to monitor your pet’s heart rate, oxygenation level, ECG, and blood pressure during the surgical procedure. Additionally, our veterinary technicians never leave your pet’s side and our human observers are the best monitors we have.

Post-operative Care:
Your pet will be closely monitored after surgery by our skilled veterinary staff, and will wake up on and under heated blankets!